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  • Sep192019

    Ice Lollies by Debby Lewis-Harrison

    With the weather hotting up…

  • Jun202019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for Celebrate Health

    Debby got the chance to be a part of the great re-design for a health conscious, Australian food brand, Celebrate…

  • Mar202019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for Baileys

    Back in January Debby shot some absolutely delicious images for Baileys, incorporating it into wonderful desserts that anyone can make! Here…

  • Jan312019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for Lyle’s Golden Syrup

    Debby shot the delicious campaign for Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Porridge has never looked so yummy!

  • Aug282018

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for P&O Cruises

    The last bank holiday of the year is over and it’s already starting to feel like Autumn! Anyone for a cruise!?…

  • Jul062018

    NEWS: Some summery new work from Debby Lewis-Harrison

    The sun’s out and so are the pictures to go with it! With some beautifully fresh elderflower and peaches to…

  • Jun192018

    NEWS: Debby Lewis-Harrison creates some fun new moving imagary

    Debby is on fire with moving image pieces at the moment. She’s added three more to her collection, which will definitely…

  • May252018

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrison variety of Tear Sheets

    Debby has been a busy bee so we thought we’d gather a selection of her tear sheets.

  • Apr052018

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots again for Sunday Times

    Debby has been doing some really delicious work for Sunday Times so far this year! Check out some of the great…

  • Sep202017

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrison’s new Showreel

    A talented stills AND moving imagery photographer, Debby has complied a showreel of personal & commissioned work.

  • Sep112017

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for Singha!

    We guarantee that these images from Debby for Singha beer will have you searching for the recipes! Well guess what…they’re…

  • Sep052017

    FEATURED: Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for the Sunday Times!

    In case you missed it, here’s Debby’s scrumptious shoot for the Sunday Times!