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  • Nov062019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison more from Baileys shoot

    Back in January! Debby shot for Baileys and the Valentine’s images were released. The other images have finally gone live…

  • Sep192019

    Ice Lollies by Debby Lewis-Harrison

    With the weather hotting up…

  • Sep112019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for P&O, again!

    Debby got to work with three fantastic Chef’s; José Pizarro, Kjartan Skjelde and Marie Forsberg. Shooting dishes that will be…

  • Jun202019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for Celebrate Health

    Debby got the chance to be a part of the great re-design for a health conscious, Australian food brand, Celebrate…

  • May082019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for P&O Cruises again!

    P&O Cruises were so bowled over…

  • Apr242019

    New Work from Debby Lewis-Harrison

    New moving image and stills from Debby.

  • Mar202019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for Baileys

    Back in January Debby shot some absolutely delicious images for Baileys, incorporating it into wonderful desserts that anyone can make! Here…

  • Jan312019

    Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for Lyle’s Golden Syrup

    Debby shot the delicious campaign for Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Porridge has never looked so yummy!

  • Nov142018

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrison shots for LP Food at Work

    Debby helped shoot some fresh new content for LP Food At Work, one of London’s eminent and independent contract caterers.…

  • Aug282018

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrison shoots for P&O Cruises

    The last bank holiday of the year is over and it’s already starting to feel like Autumn! Anyone for a cruise!?…

  • Jul162018

    NEWS: New work from Debby Lewis-Harrison

    ‘Enchanted Summer Cocktails’ is a new project that Debby has been working on. Mixing daring flavours with strikingly colourful flowers, Debby…

  • Jul062018

    NEWS: Some summery new work from Debby Lewis-Harrison

    The sun’s out and so are the pictures to go with it! With some beautifully fresh elderflower and peaches to…

  • May252018

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrison variety of Tear Sheets

    Debby has been a busy bee so we thought we’d gather a selection of her tear sheets.

  • Jan222018

    NEWS: Debby Lewis-Harrison has a sparkly new Christmas section

    With 337 days to Christmas, is it ever to early to start planning! Debby has been extremely busy eagerly trying…

  • Oct202017

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis- Harrison shoots moving image for John Lewis

    Summer now feels about a million miles away, and well, frankly it was *sad face* but we thought we would…

  • Oct102017

    SHOWCASE: Debby Lewis-Harrion shoots for Caboodle Magazine

    Debby did a really fun shoot for Caboodle Magazine, exploring her love for canapés & cocktails this was an assignment…

  • Apr182017

    NEWS: Debby Lewis-Harrison working on new work!

    Debby doesn’t rest when it comes to new work! Working on our taste buds, these new images from Debby are just what you need for some…