Raheem Sterling + Shamil Tanna for Gillette

Raheem Sterling + Shamil Tanna for Gillette
17/03/2020 Cat Long
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You may have seen the new TV ad for Gillette, featuring the Football star Raheem Sterling, directed by Daisy Zhou, well here are the stills ad campaign that go with it!

Shamil and his team shot along side Daisy and her team to capture these amazing images of Raheem.

Time is always very limited when working with big stars like Raheem, but with Shamil’s years of experience of working with football stars and having shot Raheem when he was just starting out, the team had the confidence in him to capture what they needed, and boy did he deliver.

It can sometimes be a tricky thing to ask a football star to pull certain poses or move their body in a way that wouldn’t make sense on the pitch but creates a beautiful line for the camera so it’s always an added bonus on these kinds of shoots when Shamil gets to work with a skilled sports choreographer to help the subject matter translate Shamil’s vision.

At one point Shamil‘s image was wrapped around the IMAX in Waterloo, you’ll have never seen Raheem so big!