NEWS: Alan Powdrill’s new project The Balleyferriter Races

NEWS: Alan Powdrill’s new project The Balleyferriter Races
10/10/2018 Cat Long

On a recent trip to Ireland, County Kerry, Alan came across the amazing spectacle of a beach horse race organised by the Horse & Pony Race Association of Southern Ireland.

Fortunately Alan had his camera with him to capture these amazing portraits of the young jockeys taking part on the brilliantly named Ballyferriter beach.

With up to 13 races a season, they’re often seen as a breeding ground for future professional jockeys who have dreams of making the big time!

Horses are an integral part of Irish life, especially when it comes to racing which was clearly evident as the youngsters pelted down the beach at speed, often risking life and limb.  

On two occasions horses went haywire with the jockeys unable to stop them as they careered through the crowds, eventually halted by a gang or worried owners and spectators.

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