The Great Vue Easter Egg Hunt

The Great Vue Easter Egg Hunt
18/03/2010 rootvue

Vue is feeling all Eastery.
Maybe it’s the thought of all that chocolate or maybe it’s just the joy of a long weekend approaching, fingers crossed it doesn’t pour down as usual!

We’re always keen to share the smiles and are inviting you to enter The Great Vue Easter Egg Hunt. And we’re giving away a 32GB WiFi IPad to the lucky winner.

‘How do I get hold of this beautiful piece of apple equipment?’ I hear you screaming.

It’s simple, just find the 10 hidden Easter eggs in and around our website (This little chap above doesn’t count though!), screen grab each of them and send all the pics along with your name and phone number to with the subject ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ by Friday 9th April.

The winner’s name will be pulled out of a hat, by non-other than Patrick Burgoyne of Creative Review fame.

Good Luck and Happy Easter!

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