Ladies and Gents this is a call to arms!

Ladies and Gents this is a call to arms!
16/03/2010 rootvue

No doubt you’ve heard tell of the Digital Economy Bill.
We’ve been following it develop with a keen interest, the sort of keen interest that has you shouting “No, No, No Don’t Do That!”

Here’s a simple intro from our good friend The Digital Plumber. If you’re a photographer, illustrator or image maker of any kind you need to read this.

Everyday more people are writing to their MP’s, we’d love you to get involved too. So pick up your pens, click your mice and help us stop Clause 43.
Heck you could even write to our old friend Lord Mandelson . . .

or give his Personal Secretary Paul McCaffrey a shout . . .

Paul McCaffrey
 Private Secretary to Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

020 7215 5622 / 07824 342055

And if you need a few pointers on what to write have a peek at this, it certainly put a smile back on our faces.

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