A Visit to the Brand Museum

A Visit to the Brand Museum
06/03/2009 rootvue

I am a dedicated consumer, particularly when it comes to Cherry Coke and chocolate. So I thought a trip to the Brand Museum would be well worth a look. Especially as they currently have an exhibition dedicated to all things sweet and chocolaty! Sweet Sixties ‘The ultimate nostalgia trip for sweet lovers everywhere.’

The brand museum is found just around the corner from Notting Hill tube, and will take you on a trip from the 1890’s up to the present day. It’s stacked full of empty food and household containers, toys, print ads, clothes and anything else culture and consumer related that Robert Opie has been collecting since the age of 16!

You’re guaranteed to gasp, ‘oh my god I had one of them!’ And it’s definitely worth a look for all us ad world junkies, but just make sure you have a full belly before stepping inside. The sight of all those empty chocolate wrappers will get the better of you and as you leave you’ll be forced into the nearest corner shop for a can of Cherry Coke and a Double Decker, or is that just me?


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