In the month that was . . . February 2009

In the month that was . . . February 2009
27/02/2009 rootvue

Emma was . . .
Dancing at The Black Cotton Club, singing along abysmally at The Killers O2 concert and finding muscles she never knew she had whilst scaling a climbing wall with Rachel.

Cathy was . . .
Out to lunch at Wahaca and training as a mentor for the Kids Company.

Rachel was . . .
Giving Blood, though there is a fear she may have diluted it too much with Cherry Coke and visiting the Brand Museum (more on this later).

And all of us have been eating more chocolate than is probably safe. It’s not our fault though; we’re blaming Garry Simpson and his recent shoot for Peugeot. Mmmmm chocolaty props.

Also amongst this months shoots and sticking with the chocolaty vibe, Penny Cottee was shooting for Galaxy. Though sadly the chocolate here was actually cardboard. Blast!

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