It’s not the winning . . .

It’s not the winning . . .
16/02/2009 rootvue

. . . it’s the taking part that counts. Well at least that’s what I told myself after being selected as a runner-up in the 2007 Stanley’s Post competition. I mean after all I did get to spend a quality afternoon with my lovely sister Jess stitching and sticking together our snowman entry Vince Blanc.

For those of you familiar with The Mighty Boosh, o
ur inspiration for this Christmas task, and the character Vince Noir let me introduce you to his snowy counterpart. Cutting a dashing step in his starry jump suit, silver platform boots and jaunty customised cowboy hat, Vince is the true fashion doyenne of the festive realm. He now lives in our office where he survives on a diet of Glam Rock, bottled Camden air and the water from Hoxton puddles.

Frankly though after experiencing the thrill of the win this time round, the only words that I feel can truly express my joy are “In your face my eight year old competitors!” That’s right dear reader we only went and bloomin’ won the competition this year with what I like to think of as groundbreaking work in the field of avian real estate.

Complete with a felted twin set clad Tippi Hendren, a topiary Alfred Hitchcock to the left side of the property and a charming white clapboard exterior, this property comes highly recommended.
Beautifully kept gardens boast a mature oak tree to the rear and blooming sunflowers around the estate. This property is a must see for any keen twitcher, as the gardens are often visited by scores of local avian breeds.
Please note all prospective vendees are advised to bring own visors.

Brought to you by Taylor Sisters Estates.

I would like to take a moment here to dedicate this win to the legendary Tony Hart, without whom none of this could have been possible.


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