Behind The Image – Morgan does Mongolia

Behind The Image – Morgan does Mongolia
09/02/2009 rootvue

Contrary to appearances, this shot from Morgan Silks recent trip to Mongolia, did not find him and his Argonauts (assistants) in search of The Golden Fleece, but on the Genghis Khan trail for One Life Magazine.

This amazing 40m steel Khan, on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, is actually from the mind of artist and sculptor D.Erdembileg and not that of Ray Harryhausen.
Which honestly we Vue Girls are glad of, as I don’t believe our Public Liability has a clause paying out on the squashing of photographers by giant galloping warlords/deities.

This shoot was commissioned by Redwood Publishing and featured in Land Rover consumer magazine One Life. To see more images from the shoot you can visit Morgan Silk’s website, the Vue website or keep your eyes peeled for his nomination in the 2009 AOP Awards.

To learn about more about the Xanadu-esque expansions you can visit here or here.

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